Amnesty Travesty - Speak up for the 8 million - Amnesty Travesty
Amnesty Travesty - Speak up for the 8 million - Amnesty Travesty
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unborn children have died from abortion in Great Britain since
the passing of the Abortion Act on October 27 1967*.
Amnesty, who are supposed to defend human rights,
are now pushing to bring this to Ireland…

The Toll

Alongside the millions of lives lost are many other grave
consequences for our society. This is clearly no act for Ireland to follow.

Unborn chilren
55o lives ended
each day

In 2014 201,567 unborn children were aborted across Great Britain, at this rate the total number will reach 8.5 million lives in 2015.

home images7
Women hurt
by abortion

For many women the psychological consequences following a termination are real and their personal testimonies of their experiences cannot be denied.

Beautiful girl with Down Syndrome
90% of unborn children with Down Syndrome identified in the womb are aborted

Children with disabilities are aborted up-to-birth and 90% of unborn children with Down Syndrome identified in the womb are aborted.

born alive
Live babies left to die following abortions

Babies who do not die during an abortion procedure are routinely left to die. In one year 66 infants survived abortion attempts in NHS hospitals.

baby foot
Children with club foot and other minor disabilities aborted

Disability grounds for abortion has opened up abortion to minor and treatable imperfections such as club foot and cleft palate. Between 2006 and 2010, 205 babies were aborted with club foot and 157 with cleft palate.

Child with disability
Unborn children with disabilities are aborted up-to-birth

UK law places no gestational limit on the abortion of unborn children with disabilities allowing abortion for this group right up-to-birth.

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Bodies of unborn children burnt to heat hospitals

In 2014 it was revealed that the remains of more than 15,000 babies were incinerated as ‘clinical waste’ by hospitals in Britain with some used in ‘waste to energy’ plants which generate power to heat hospitals.

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Sex-selective abortion
of unborn girls

A 2012 Telegraph investigation revealed that doctors were filmed agreeing to sex-selective abortions ‘no questions asked’. This experience is backed-up by first hand testimonies from women saying they have obtained sex-selective abortions.

repeat abortions
Over 70,000 repeat abortions each year

Across Great Britain, the latest data from 2014 shows over 70,000 repeat abortions were undertaken. In England and Wales, in 2012, more than 4,500 women had had at least four abortions, 1,334 were on at least their fifth and 33 women had nine or more terminations.

The Video

Parody video critiquing the tasteless advert from Amnesty voiced by
Liam Neeson calling for the removal of protection of the
right to life for the unborn child from the Irish Constitution.

Take Action – Sign the Petition

Ask Amnesty International to ‘speak up for the 8 million’
and withdraw their campaign to remove the protection of the right to
life for the unborn child from the Irish Constitution.

Amnesty International,


Your organisation says that it works to protect men, women and children wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied, yet:


  • In the UK every year, the lives of over 190,000 unborn children are ended in the womb. You do nothing to help protect them.
  • In the UK every year, over 3000 babies are terminated in the womb because they are disabled. You do nothing to stop this injustice.
  • In the UK every year, 90% of Down’s Syndrome babies identified in the womb are aborted. You do nothing to defend their right to life.
  • In the UK babies are terminated in the womb just because they are girls. You do nothing to end this gender discrimination.


Legalisation of abortion in England, Wales and Scotland has meant the destruction of over 8 million lives since 1967. Yet you do nothing to help protect babies in the womb.


Amnesty boasts of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for its life-saving work, yet instead of protecting unborn children, you are campaigning to legalise killing them in Northern Ireland, and removing their constitutional protections in the Irish Republic.


Amnesty International, we call on you to:


  • Speak-up for the over-8 million who have died in the UK from abortion.
  • Respect and affirm the choice of the people of Northern Ireland to safeguard babies in the womb from abortion.
  • Withdraw your campaign to remove the right to life of the unborn child from Ireland’s constitution.

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About the Campaign


The Amnesty Travesty campaign is a joint campaign from UK organisations Right To Life and LIFE Charity.


Since Amnesty has launched its campaign to remove the protection of the right to life of the unborn child from the Irish constitution, we have had a number of our supporters and the wider public approach us concerned about this violation of human rights principles.


In response, on the anniversary of the Royal Assent of the 1967 Abortion Act on October 27, we have launched the Amnesty Travesty Campaign to highlight the consequences of abortion in the UK, as well as to enable our supporters and the public to petition Amnesty International to speak up for the over 8 million lives lost from abortion in the UK and withdraw its campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Irish constitution.